Family Photo

David and Dawn started Farming in 1994 the same year as their first daughter, Briana Mayfield, was born. David bought out his grandparents farming operation and started with 400 acres of row crop, 715 Case IH combine with a four row corn head, a 1086 tractor (which is still used in the farm today and a part of the light show), and a few other historic pieces of equipment. David is currently restoring his grandfather’s Farmall H tractor to be used for parades etc.

In 1997, David and Dawn completed their family with the addition of their second daughter, GaBrielle Cargill, who is her dad’s right-hand woman. Through the years their farming operation has grown to include approximately 60 head cattle operation, 120 acres of Alfalfa for feeding cattle and selling, and 1,500 acres of row crop operation.

In 2017, David passed by a local church in Decatur and noticed their lights were dancing to music and this sparked his inspiration for the Brix Farm Christmas Show. They started small scale in 2018 and have continued to grow each year since. They recently started their grandparent era with Princess Olivia Ann born Feb of 2022.


David (Left) and Dawn (Right) were married in May 1990 and have worked together on the farm every day since 1997. Their love continues to grow each day.


Travis (Right) and Briana (Left) were married in August 2020 and welcomed Olivia (Middle) in Feb 2022. Travis is a Shop Manager and helps on the farm in his free time. Briana is an X-Ray technician.


Brandon (Right) and GaBrielle (Left) were married in Dec 2022 in a Christmas themed wedding. GaBrielle is an Accounting Supervisor and takes a weeks’ vacation to support the Christmas light show and helps on the Farm in her free time. Brandon is an Apprentice Inside Wireman.